Criminals Sitting in CVS Parking Lots

cvs parkinglotWhile this type of crime is not new, it has increased greatly in the Central Florida area over the last several months. CVS and Walgreens parking lots are prime targets as these are quick stop type places. Usually people are more carefree when pulling up to run in and buy some cough medicine or a gallon of milk real quick. They sometimes leave the purse, cellphone or even leave the car running.  When going shopping at a Walmart or Publix, everything goes with and the car gets locked so there typically has to be a window break and the larger store lots have cameras 24/7.

It was Friday night at about 11pm, the CVS was not busy but a steady traffic. We pull up in a Cadillac DTS in front of the Redbox area, we get out,  her with no handbag as I was standing where normally paying and actually we weren’t buying anything, we were going in to find out if they could take passport photos at that time. We left our large but quiet French mastiff in the car with tinted windows and the windows cracked about  4- 5 inches or so all around. We waited about 20 seconds for the cashier to finish and asked if she could do passport photos. The answer was no, so we exited the store and upon exiting a stocky male was walking fast, leaving the left side of my car, seemed to be startled by the dog. He walked, in an almost fast jog back to his car which was parked on the same side but away from the other cars. As he opened his door, he stopped and looked at us to see what our reaction would be and if we noticed he was a criminal parasite.

We got a description of his car and he took off. it was only about 1 month earlier that someone we know was at another CVS in a similar vicinity with her sister. They ran in for a couple of bottled waters, however this time upon returning to the car her brand new pocketbook was gone with cash, credit cards, keys, cell phone and ID.

The criminals will sit in the lots and wait for people to run in and watch if they brought a handbag or not. They will sit during certain times such as Friday or Saturday evenings doing surveillance on unknowing people in order to do the snatch as quick as possible, run to their car and take off.

It is advised to lock your car no matter where or how long the visit will be. These criminals will continue to take advantage of the vulnerable places like CVS and Walgreens, among any other run in quick type places.

From Sales to Criminal Justice Careers

The pool of persons seeking jobs has always outnumbered the jobs available in the market. Companies that are in a position to hire new staff can choose from a large number of qualified and experienced persons already in the pool. Anyone that has invested four- years in the Bachelor Degree wants to recouped sacrificed income as quickly as possible. Entry-level salaries for graduates with a Bachelor Degree are the same across the board with only minor differences. When looking for a career, the focus should be on the potential for growth and development in that job. Personal preferences, character traits and the satisfaction that comes with growth and advancement in a career must be part of the decision making process when selecting a path for the future. For example, ‘salespersons’ will have to cope with the constant demands of the high-pressure world of competitive sales. It is earn or burn out there in the world of sales. For those less challenged or not driven to compete daily, there are many exciting and equally demanding jobs in the Criminal Justice System.

In the Criminal Justice System an individual’s work ethics and productive capacity are tested regularly. Perhaps not as much as the perpetual stress to meet quotas and break budgets in sales. A very contrasting atmosphere of teamwork and shared-accomplishment s is encouraged in the Justice System. These jobs require very different personality-traits but both can be financially rewarding.

A look at the potential to earn in the fields of endeavour by the Department of Labor Statistics for the average ‘median salaries’ of ‘Sales’ representatives and persons in the Criminal Justice System:


Jobs After a Bachelor Degree

Average * Salary $’s



Retail Salesperson


Product Promotional Agent


Travel Agent




Real Estate Agent


Advertising Agency Rep.


Insurance Agent


Financial Services Broker/ Trader


Scientific Engineer Salesperson


Criminal Justice Department Jobs after a Bachelor Degree

Average * Salary $’s

Fish & Game Warden


Forensic Science Technicians


Police Officers


Deputy Sheriffs


Correctional Officers (Managers)


Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement College Instructors


Police Detectives & Investigators


Customs & Immigration Officers


Police Identification & Records Officers


Special Agents


College Professor


Criminologists & Sociologists


Forensic Accountants & Financial Examiners


Forensic Psychologists


Judges and Magistrates




*These are ‘median’ salaries; there are salaries-  

on either side of  this average.



The following list of ‘Pros’ & ‘Cons’ is drawn up based on consultations with persons operating in the retail sales industry, actual personal experiences will vary somewhat. It is highly recommended that individuals conduct their

own due-diligence before making a career decision. 

After graduation, the salesperson can quickly rise from a nominal retainer and a commission to a hefty salary (with benefits) in excess of $50,000 per annum.


  • Sales Pros

  • A career in sales requires individual determination, personal organization a spirit that cannot be broken or discouraged.

  • Many top sales persons describe themselves as loners, preferring to work at their own pace and independent of co-workers.

  • The job requires minimal interaction with management and supervisors; the salesperson is free to move about independently.

  • Personal gratification ranks high for the successful sales person especially upon conclusion of a sale.

  • There are many rewards for consistently achieving high sales and budget targets set by the employer.

  • A sales job is always challenging, sometimes providing an adrenalin-rush for the highly self-motivated solo player.

Sales Cons

  • There are a large number of persons competing for the few top sales jobs.

  • There are few people at the top; opportunities get smaller as you rise in the organization.

  • It can take several years of knocking on doors before the right one opens and provides the opportunity for advancement.

  • Working outside of the organization and management structure in general, the prospects for upward mobility or promotion are limited.

  • Meetings with clients (at their convenience) and completing the required paperwork and report writing after business hours can create long, extend workdays. Reports must be completed before starting a new business day.

  • Sales persons experience frustration when a sale falls through.

  • Stress can be challenging with the constant demands of quotas and targets.

  • The sales representative must be goal oriented, an enterprising person, preferring to go-it-alone rather than working with a ‘team’.It can require much time away from home and family.

            Employers prefer graduates with a Bachelor Degree (or better) for enlistment on to their sales teams, especially when selling technical/ scientific products to the market.

The sale of complex engineering equipment is incomparable to selling used cars on a lot. The higher levels of pay for sales personnel are enjoyed by only a few; usually those salespersons with, experience, advanced training and a good name developed whilst working on the job. They have risen to the top of the ‘sales force pyramid’ and when you are number-one then everybody else is beneath you.

Current economic conditions have caused a great number of layoffs and cutbacks in the economy. This has two significant effects.

  1. The spending power on non-essential items is severely reduced, thus providing less disposable income on non-essential items (many of which are sales driven).

  2. It forces more people with higher qualifications to take lesser jobs in the market. A person with a Masters Degree may well be competing with the Bachelor for the job.

Effectively there is a contraction of the retail sales force (at least temporarily) until public spending increases and those who were displaced from their jobs are reemployed elsewhere. An oversupply of experienced sales personnel seeking re-employment in the job market is created, they are experienced and that is hard for the graduate to compete with.

Another factor challenging the sales representatives is the wider public acceptance of Internet trade; it has dented the demand for sales persons offering products both in retail stores and in general marketplace.

Persons rooted in the Criminal Justice System can be encouraged by the constantly rising incidence of crime, not a nice fact to have to accept. The complexity of the crimes is increasing as well. This speaks well to the thousands of prospects seeking jobs in the Criminal Justice System after graduation. They will be absorbed in short notice. The Bureau of Labour’s, Statistics for 2013, predicts a growth rate of over 11.00% in the Protective Services Division. This pattern of growth and increased demand is evident throughout the System not just that single Division. Government will absorb 60% of the total number of graduates and private enterprise will hire the other 40%. That is in the Protective Services Division alone but is common throughout the System.

The following Justice System Career Focus highlights the salaries currently paid in the respective jobs and the expected growth in employment up to 2020. Surprisingly, although Hollywood portrays ‘Crime Scene Investigators’ as the actions figures of the Justice System, they are not in the top-five jobs because they have not yet employed the number of persons that other agencies have.

The Top Five Jobs in the Justice System


Job & Industry Rating

Persons Employed

10 Year Growth

Annual Salary

000’s of  $

Skills Required


Patrol Officer-

Sheriff, Deputy, Trooper




Training or Bachelor Degree


Paralegal/ Legal Assistant




Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree


Probation, Correctional Treatment Specialist




Bachelor’s degree


Detective/ Criminal Investigator




College Degree


Legal Secretary




College Degree

Moving from a job in sales to one in the Criminal Justice System is easy, many credits earned in Associate and other Degrees are transferrable to the Justice Program.


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Generally speaking, the delivery of ‘On-line’ education is still in its relative infancy. The scenario is changing rapidly with technological advancements coming forth daily from the IT experts, we are experiencing rapid advancements in the field. … [Continue reading]

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